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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law

An alternative form of resolving family dispute; this approach on the one hand is having expertise legal advice and on the hand provides quick and faster resolution. Although both the spouses may not be in talking terms, have dispute and do not know how to divide the rights and liabilities, yet with the help of my Collaborative Family Law Practice you could achieve a more meaningful, positive and trustful solution. And that is the basic objective of this branch of Family Law resolution system. Do you want to know how it would work, what steps would be followed, how your family law interest would be protected, what expenses are involved,  who will pay for it, how the legal enforcement would be taking place, and many more questions on this aspect of resolving family law disputes. You may like to contact my Law Office to learn more.

My aim would be to understand with you your family law rights and liabilities. My involvement with you would be positive and avoid unlimited legal expenses. The basic aim of my Collaborative Family Law practice would be resolving conflicts and finding out positive solutions.One thing you should know that with the help of this form of Collaborative Family Law practice many such issues could be resolved which remain pending for

years together and both the spouses remain in conflicting status without any hope of speedy solution.

“From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia- Ever since the inception of Family Collaborative Law in the 1980s, the Collaborative Law movement has spread rapidly to most of the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia.,More than 22,000 lawyers have been trained in Collaborative Law worldwide.”

Benefits of Collaborative Family Law:

A. Spouses trust and respect for each other
B. Knowing issues concerning family disputes
C. Positive approach
D. Protecting children interest
E. Not spending thousands of dollars in the court proceedings
F. Having control on what is going on and rights and duties.
G. Most importantly, you are represented by the legal counsel


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Gagandeep SinghGagandeep Singh
I have dealt with Balvinder Kumar, Barrister, Solicitor, & Notary Public for my Real Estate Law and Incorporation matters and I find her knowledge and efficient service in these matters extraordinary. I will not hesitate recommending her for a real estate lawyer and any other legal service she is providing. Thanks and appreciate your help in my legal matters.
We enjoyed meeting with you today and finalizing this very important aspect of our family clarity of our wishes in case of serious health issues such as loss of capacity to manage family affairs and death. My procrastination in keeping these documents made it difficult for my family to access funds necessary to keep our affairs in order. Thanks for your help in making these issues easy to understand and removing the stress caused by the lack of clarity.
Balvinder is an exceptional Real Estate Lawyer. I have been recommending my clients to BK Law for a few years now and my clients have been extremely satisfied. Balvinder has always responded to all questions that my clients or I have in a timely manner and has promptly responded to phone calls, emails and text. It has always been pleasure working with Balvinder